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About the spirit of Opus Dei

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Sobre el espíritu del Opus Dei  es   

Sur l'esprit de l'Opus Dei  fr   

Über den Geist des Opus Dei  ger

In this section, there are several brief chapters on aspects of the spirit of Opus Dei, focused on giving oneself to God in the middle of the world, with the aim of serving the Church and souls. The topics, based on the teaching of the Church and following the spirit of St Josemaría, include human virtues, the joy of realising we are sons of God in Christ, study and work, charity – with the desire of serving others – and bringing the light of Christ to the world around us.

These texts will be of particular interest to those wishing to know about the universal call to holiness in the middle of the world. They aim to help readers wishing to live in a manner that is consistent with their faith and who are aware that no effort to learn or improve can be fruitful for the apostolic mission and one's own sanctification without the help of the Holy Spirit, in truth and love.

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